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ASTRA//MUTA was developed in 48h as part of the MiniBeansJam 4.


The year is 2203.
You’re one of the indentured assets of Wiso-Zircana, an intergalactic Megacorp selling the finest alternative medicines in the galaxy. Recently, the Federation of Independent Republics, the greatest remaining superpower in the galaxy, made the outrageous decision to outlaw their fine products, calling them “essentially useless beyond the placebo effect or even actively harmful to the physiology of most carbon-based lifeforms”.
Your bosses have obligated you to stand up to this injustice and circumvent those legal barriers through subversive entrepeneurial action - although the official authorities would probably call it “smuggling”.
You will act as an independent contractor. Wiso-Zircana will not take responsibility for your actions. All future profits will contribute to the payment of your currently owned debt of 1,342,589,324,234,576,162 Credits. 


Add thrust with [W], add counter-thrust with [S]. Once you have built momentum, you will maintain it in the vacuum of space, but without friction, you will not slow down without counter-thrusting either.
Steer with [A] and [D].
All thrust generates heat. Authority ships will detect you through your emitted heat and attempt to scan you. If they catch you with illegal goods, you’ll be issued a fine.
Touch planets to get new missions to deliver illegal alternative medicines. The compass points towards the current destination.

Press [R] to restart the game.


Doldenberg - writing, game design

Dalton5000 - art

Wagshadow - code, game design

Assets used

  • Music: Silent Partner - Ticker
  • Art: (several free assets from the unity store, will be added)
  • Code: A* Pathfinding Project by Aron Granberg


Downloadable Build 39 MB

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